Phase V Update 6-19-19

Installation of waterline and services will continue on Roberts Rd likely through August 15, 2019.  The contractor estimates that a crew will begin working in Bluewater Banks around July 23, 2019....Learn more...


Bill Payment Options

West Carteret Water Corporation offers a wide variety of convenient payment options for our customers. Simply choose the option that best suits your needs... Learn more...

Auto Draft Customers: Why Your Bill Does Not Show the Draft Date

If you are a customer who is set up on automatic draft, you may have noticed that your bill this month does not state when your balance will be drafted.  When...Learn more...

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July Bill Printing Error

July 22, 2019

     Due to a machine error with our third-party biller, some customers may receive an additional bill for a different customer. Likewise, some customers may not receive a bill due to this error.  If you receive an additional statement for someone else, please contact our office and let us know, so we can send a copy of that invoice to the correct customer. If you have not received a bill, please contact the office if you would like us to mail you a copy or log on to our website to view a PDF copy of your statement. As always, bills are due by the 7th of the month and drafts will take place on the due date.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.  Thank...

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Healthy Lawns

Healthy Lawns

August 01, 2019

Lush green lawns, bright colorful flower gardens, bountiful vegetable harvests —these add beauty and enjoyment to your home. We all love healthy lawns. What are some good practices that help promote healthy lawns, and conserve our nature resources, such as water?  How can you water wisely? Mow wisely?

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