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Notice of Annual Meeting



  Western Park Community Building

Thursday, May 9, 2019

7:00 p.m.

 The purpose of this meeting was to review the events of the past year and discuss the future of your company. Our auditor, the firm of RSM McGladrey, was available to present this year's audit report and answer any questions that the members had, including Phase V. As of April 2019, the Nine Mile Road and Lake Road areas are completed.  The contractor is continuing with George Taylor Road and Nine Foot Road along with subdivisions on Nine Foot Road.)

Regarding the election of directors, the corporate attorney presented meeting minutes from the Nominating Committee Meeting. The committee members in attendance consisted of Paxon Holz, who was nominated as the Chairperson, Ronnie Cannon, Sheila Judon, Leslie Davis, Jr., Alice Dunn, and Mary Frances Dreps.  The committee met February 7, 2019 and placed the following incumbent directors in nomination: Sheila H. Moore (Ocean), Ethel Shackelford (Cape Carteret), and Dan Fortin (Peletier/Cedar Point).  The nominees will serve an additional three-year term. No ballot voting will be required this year.