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Auto Draft Customers: Why Your Bill Does Not Show the Draft Date

If you are a customer who is set up on automatic draft, you may have noticed that your bill this month does not state when your balance will be drafted.  When we switched to our new online bill payment system, this system also took over our automatic draft process. The old draft process only allowed the office staff to add, update, or delete customer draft information through our billing program.  The new system allows customers to be able to login to their portal and add, update, or delete their draft information at their leisure, as well as allows the office to update that information with the proper form.  Though the new program has exceptional added benefits, it did not communicate back to the billing software when drafts were being added or deleted.  Our billing software is what prepares the information that gets printed on the bills.  Because the billing software was not being notified when draft information was added or removed (either by the customer or by the office), the draft message was being sent to customers who recently removed their draft and it was not being sent to customers who had recently signed up.

Upon recognizing this error, both our billing software provider and our online bill payment system provider were notified of the issue.  Together, they have been diligently working to resolve the problem and their development teams believe they have found the answer.  They are working on it now, but it is unclear as to how long it will be before we can implement that resolution.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you!  The automatic draft date for customers with current balances only will always be the due date stated on the bill. The bill that just went out this past week has a due date of June 7, 2019.  This due date is only for current charges, any past due balances should be taken care of immediately to avoid penalties and possible interruption of service. If you have recently made any changes to or added or deleted your automatic draft and would like to verify your information or the status of that draft, please feel free to login to your customer portal or contact our office at (252)393-1515.