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Hurricane Dorian

     Whether you choose to evacuate or stay home, West Carteret Water Corporation hopes everyone remains safe!  Should you choose to evacuate, please make sure to cut your water off at your personal valve.  If you have already evacuated or need assistance cutting the valve off, please email us at water@wcwc.biz or call our office at (252)393-1515.  We also ask that you turn water off to all docks, outdoor showers, irrigation systems, and outbuildings.  During storms such as this, leaks in these types of plumbing have been the source of high usage that contribute to depleting our elevated tanks.  Also, we do not offer adjustments for high usage due to inclement weather where it could have been prevented by cutting off the supply in advance.  

     West Carteret Water Corporation will be keeping a very close eye on the situation.  We will post updates to our Facebook page as more information becomes available to us, so, if you have not already, please like us on Facebook! Also, do not forget to sign up for alerts on our homepage if you have not already done so.  Please stay safe during Hurricane Dorian.  As always, it is a pleasure serving you!