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Meter Boxes

It is that time of year again! Yard maintenance! West Carteret Water Corporation
would like to remind all members to be very careful when mowing lawns. For the safety
of both your electronic meter and your mower blades, please avoid mowing near your
meter box! If you mow over top of the lid, you risk d amaging the attached wires that
transmit your readings to our server. The cost to replace the reader alone is $190.
Weed eating is the best option. Also, if you have lawn service, make them aware of the
location to avoid any charges.
If you need to get inside the meter box for any reason, please do so carefully. To
remove, you must gently push a screwdriver in the lid slot to release the spring catch
that secures the lid to the box. Actually, we suggest that you contact our office at (252)
393-1515. We will be happy to schedule a technician to meet you at no cost. The office
staff is working on an instructional video regarding meter boxes to post on our
Facebook and website in the next few months. Be sure to check them out if you have
access to a computer. We hope you have a lovely, safe summer!