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The water will be interrupted in the Hwy 24 section of Cedar Point from BB&T/Truist Bank to Dudley's Marina. Preparation for this outage began today and will continue into this evening. We will shut the water off on Tuesday, Aug 11 from midnight until approximately 4 a.m. Tuesday to repair a leaking valve on Highway 24.

On Tuesday, you may experience milky water, which is simply air. By feeling a glass, if it is air, it will clear from the bottom. Please report any concerns to our office at 252-393-1515.

As is protocol, we will issue a Boil Water Advisory following this shutdown. It is suggested that you boil water as a precaution prior to consumption. This does not apply to hygiene. We are a state approved lab and will take samples from the repair location and analyze in-house, which will give us test results sooner than the full 48-hours. However, we will not rescend the order until lab results are received from an independent lab.

Thank you for your patience and if you have an after hours emergency, please do not hesitate to contact me at 252-241-0116.

Lisa Smith-Perri, GM/ED