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     According to their website, the Housing Opportunity and Prevention of Evictions (HOPE) Program is no longer accepting new applications.  Due to high demand concerning pandemic-related need for assistance, all the funds have been assigned to current applicants.

     If you were able to get your application in and hear back from the HOPE Program saying you are approved, you will need to contact West Carteret Water Corporation with proof to put on file.  The Program notes that it may take several weeks for their partners to reach out to the utility companies.  If you do not contact us and provide the necessary information, you could still be subject to service interruption.

      For all the customers who were unable to apply for the HOPE program or missed the deadline, West Carteret Water Corporation still acknowledges the hardships that you may be facing because of the pandemic.  We encourage customers to reach out to us if they are having financial challenges and need to make payment arrangements.  We understand how vital running water is in everyday life, especially during times like these.  Contact our office at (252)393-1515 or water@wcwc.biz to request an extension or to receive a list of places that may be able to offer some assistance with your bills.